Ted Washington

Ted Washington is an artist. author, actor, poet and reluctant businessman. Specializing in pen and ink, his art has garnered local, national and international awards.

He is the founder and CEO of Puna Press, a San Diego, CA based publisher of poetry and art that features several San Diego writers and artists. Ted also is a founding member of the performance art group Pruitt Igoe, who have performed in San Diego and Los Angeles area galleries and music venues. Pruitt Igoe was awarded a Synergy Foundation grant and performed in Harlem, New York City.

Ted Washington

Jon Cordova and Andromeda 

Jon Cordova and Andromeda Breeze fill the roster of Pruitt Igoe. Jon’s guitar provides soundscapes and tasty fills using a myriad pedals and effects. Andromeda provides visual artistry to the performances through the element of dance and sometimes the added dimension of sound.

Jon Cordova and Coco Cambell

Krista Coppedge

Krista Coppedge, from Jacksonville Beach, FL, is a musician, piano technician, photographer, surfer, and adventurer. She studied piano classically for 10 years, played trumpet in the Jacksonville Symphony Youth Orchestra, marching band, jazz band, and concert band throughout high school, and sang in the church choir her whole upbringing.

Krista moved to San Diego in 2010 to surf and start her piano tuning business and to surf. She joined Pruitt Igoe a year later. 

Krista Coppedge

Other Members

Participants have included Matt Kerr, Molly Whittaker, Coco Cambell, Chad Farran, Are-Jay Hoffman, Harold Todd and Andy Geib. Pruitt Igoe is and continues to be a collaborative effort.

Toured With

The sonic blend of Pruitt Igoe has supported national and international acts:

Melt Banana, The Legendary Pink Dots, Banyan, Saul Williams, Inspired Flight, Mattson 2, Reg E Gaines to name a few


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